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Students in class

The Commonweal School has always tried to help students to develop the right values. Commonweal means for the good of all. The school has tried to live up to this ethos for nearly a century. Young people who have strong values are more successful and make a greater contribution to their communities. This is true both whilst they are at school and in addition, after they leave school. Young people respond better to teaching when it is explicit about what is being taught and is presented in a consistent manner. For this reason we take every opportunity to teach, explore and reward our Commonweal values using consistent language.

There are six key Commonweal Values. There are three personal values and three community values. The Commonweal Values are:

Personal Values

icon-resilence icon-reflection icon-responsibility

  • Resilience: Successfully adapting to challenging experiences
  • Reflection: Honest thought about your self, learning and actions
  • Responsibility Taking ownership of yourself, your actions and your duties to others

Community Values

icon-compassion icon-contribution icon-cooperation

  • Compassion: Showing concern for others and working towards a just world
  • Contribution: The part played by an individual in enriching a community
  • Cooperation: Working together to achieve a shared goal

We teach our students about these values through everything we do. They are shown to students, discussed and enacted in all the following ways:

  • The content of the curriculum
  • How we teach our curriculum – teaching and learning activities
  • Enrichment activities
  • The tutor programme
  • The assembly programme
  • Interventions
  • Student Support work

We would love to hear about how your young people demonstrate the Commonweal Values outside of school. This can be something that they are involved with regularly, or a special occasion. Please complete the form attached and email it to your child’s tutor or print and bring in to your tutor to help us celebrate their successes!