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Commonweal is very special. With a 90-year history, Commonweal is a leading and established, genuinely comprehensive 11-19 mixed secondary school in the Old Town community of Swindon.

Robert Linnegar, Headteacher, Commonweal School
Robert Linnegar, Headteacher

Currently there are 1404 students on roll who come from a diverse range of backgrounds, both socio-economically and linguistically: over 40 nationalities are represented.  We are passionate about learning both in and outside of the classroom, we steer the enthusiasm and energy of our students to develop character, compassion and service.


Our Planned Admission Number (PAN) is 216 for Years 7 to 11.  We also have 300 places for students to study in our Commonweal Sixth Form (C6), which was opened in 2014.

Students are drawn principally from four feeder schools within the designated catchment area: LethbridgeRobert Le KyngKing William Street & Even Swindon; smaller numbers of students are drawn from a further 36 schools.  The school reserves up to 15 places per cohort for students able to demonstrate genuine ability in the Performing Arts.

Strong relationships fostered between staff and students create a purposeful and learning-led atmosphere at Commonweal.  We aim for our young people to look back on an educational experience which had inspired and challenged them.