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Where to look for apprenticeships

Find an Apprenticeship

This is the government secure website to search for apprenticeship vacancies. You do not need to create an account to search for apprenticeships, however, if you do create an account, you can set up an alert to receive notifications as and when employers post new vacancies which match your search criteria. It is well worth searching this site, and initially searching across England as you will see more opportunities and can read through the job descriptions – you can then write a list of ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Maybe’ against each type of apprenticeship. You may need to try out several different words in the search. Do note however that not all employers post their apprenticeship vacancies.

Rate my apprenticeship

This website lists the top employers nationally and provides further information on opportunities the employers provide for school leavers. You can also search for apprenticeship vacancies, set up alerts and find further information on 602 different employers. There are also various industry guides.


The UCAS website is generally known by students who are wanting to apply to go to university. Less known is the fact that you can search for all levels of apprenticeships on the site, including higher and degree level apprenticeships. You can also set up alerts.

Higher and degree (apprenticeship) vacancy listing

This is an alphabetical list of employers who offer higher and degree apprenticeship opportunities. This list provides details on salaries, when the vacancies are open, where they are located, and a link to where to apply. You do need to regularly check this listing as it is updated as and when employers start recruiting. H = higher and D = degree level. 2018 / 2019 is the second year the government have provided this list and it is expected to be produced every year.

Amazing Apprenticeships Vacancy Snapshot

This page provides information on several employers who offer apprenticeships.  Hover over the company logo and then click on ‘Click here to read more’.  When you go to the ‘Employer Factfile’, click on the ‘Application hints and tips’ icon at the foot of the page and you will be taken to another page with information on what the employer is looking for.  From the ‘Employer Factfile’ page, click on the icon of the world and it will take you through to the company website.

Employer websites

Many apprenticeship employers have dedicated webpages to their apprenticeship programmes.  Have a think about which companies you might be interested in and check online if they have specific information about the apprenticeships they offer. A good idea is to google the name of the company followed by the word ‘apprenticeships’, for example ‘BBC apprenticeships’ and look at the search results.