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Statement to Year 12 & 13

In these difficult times we want to do everything possible to reassure you, so we are writing to you to remind you about all the sources of help and information you will be able to continue to access over the coming weeks.

Obviously there are different concerns for each year group so please take your time to look at the section most relevant to you below.

You will also find attached the school’s overall wellbeing and safeguarding advice, which parents will also receive, and gives you some further contact numbers and information.

If you are already someone who Tracy supports, she will be contacting you separately via email.

We are still at work, even if we are not in the building, and you should email us at any time if you have questions.  We will do our best to help you.

Year 12

It is really important that you stay up date with the work you will be set via Edulink One by each of your teachers.  You should also stay in touch with your emails and feel free to contact subject staff about things you do not understand.

Take the time to set up revision of the work you have already done in Year 12, as well as to check your folders are up to date and well organised.

Ideally, you need to establish a routine for independent study at home.

Year 13

As you will be aware, the Government has confirmed that no assessments or exams will take place this year.  They are still deciding on how exactly grades and qualifications will be confirmed.  However, it could be on the basis of any or all of the following:

  • using predicted grades
  • teacher assessments
  • looking at coursework
  • considering other evidence of candidate performance

With regard to offers of university places, it has been suggested that Universities may honour the offers already made on the basis of predicted grades.

In regard to both grades and University places, we must stress that nothing has been confirmed as yet, and we will continue to update you as soon as we receive further information about this.  What is clear is that no student should be penalised or disadvantaged because of the impact of these changes.

Because the situation is so uncertain, it is important you continue with the work that will be set for you by your teachers.  This may include preparing practise exam answers, continuing with coursework and ensuring evidence is available of your work within your subject folders.  Please regularly check your Edulink One account to find out more, and stay in touch with your teachers via email.

Over the coming weeks, if you are preparing for University, you may wish to use the UCAS and Unifrog websites to continue planning and gain further information.

You may also wish to begin your student finance application via the website.

We are waiting for further information about how Careers Advice may be delivered to students during this time.  If you have a careers question, please email Julia at

All students – wellbeing:

We know that this will be an enormously stressful time for you.  You should check the attached document for advice about how to access help and support for your mental health.  However, you should also contact us on these email addresses at any time that you need us:

All students – other information:

We are very uncertain about whether our planned events for leavers will be able to take place, but we will stay in touch with you about this.  If our leavers’ event in cancelled, we will make alternative arrangements for you at a later date.

What is important to remember is that all of these difficult decisions are being made in order to keep all of us as safe as possible.  We don’t yet know how long these measures will need to stay in place and will remain in contact with you, sending you further information as soon as we have it.

With our very best wishes,

Mrs McKay & Mr Matcham