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Key Stage 4 Exam Results 2019

Students in Year 11 are today celebrating after receiving results in their GCSEs and other qualifications. These results are the culmination of courses taken over the last two years and represent many years of hard work by students.  Students have recorded very impressive grades and should be proud of their achievements.

KS4 Students receiving their exam results Summer 2019All young people are different and success comes in many forms.  Amongst the many very high attainers were Josie Forsythe (7 grade 9s and 2 grade 8s) and Ben Brooks (5 grade 9s, 2 grade 8s and 2 grade 7s).  Amongst the students making the most progress during the last 5 years were Matty Bridge (3 grade 6s and 4 grade 5/4s) and Lucy Jackson (2 grade 9s and 5 grade 8s).  Congratulations to them and to everyone who achieved their targets and are proud of their results. One group who did particularly well are those students with Education, Health and Care Plans. They made excellent progress and overcame significant barriers to do so.

There were pleasing results across many subjects. 70 % of students achieved a grade 4 or better in English, with 54% achieving a 5 or better. 72% of students achieved a 4 or better in Maths, with 41% achieving a 5 or better.  There were also notably strong performances in Sciences, Humanities, Languages, Performing Arts and PE amongst others.

Students will rightly receive a great deal of praise and congratulations today. Praise and thanks are also due to the parents and carers who helped make these exam results possible. None of this would be possible without the invaluable support they provide. A big thank you should also go to the hard working and highly skilled Commonweal staff who taught, prepared and supported these young people so well.

Headteacher Bob Linnegar said: “I am thrilled to see so many Year 11 students getting the just reward for their efforts. They are superbly well set-up for the next stage of their education. We will be delighted to welcome so many into Year 12 at the registration day next Thursday 29th August, ready to pursue their futures.”