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Intended use of the Pupil Premium 2020-21

The Pupil Premium grant is additional funding provided to schools in England by the government.  Students are identified by the government as belonging to one of the following categories: those who qualify for free school meals, looked after children, adopted children and those children with at least one parent in the armed forces. Schools receive this additional funding for those who fall within in the above categories at any time within the last six years.  

All school receive the following levels of Pupil Premium funding for each student:

  • FSM Ever 6 – £955 
  • Children Looked After – £2345 
  • Adopted from care or Special Guardianship or Residence order – £2345 
  • Service Children – £310 

Pupil Premium Strategy 

The achievement of Pupil Premium students is a major school priority. Research shows that Quality First Teaching is a key factor in improving outcomes for educationally disadvantaged students. 

During 2020-21 Pupil Premium funds are being used to improve student achievement either directly or by increasing student engagement in education. We aim to maximise the impact of the Pupil Premium and ensure that entitled students receive the opportunity for additional support.  

Pupil Premium funding is used to address the main barriers to learning and provide social and educational support. Pupil Premium funding is used to address the following priorities: 

  • To narrow the progress gap between Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium students. 
  • To promote better attendance rates for Pupil Premium students. 
  • To develop the aspirations of Pupil Premium students.
  • Careers interviews at some point in KS4. 
  • Provide a wide range of extracurricular activities for students to engage with. 
  • To ensure high quality resources are available for Pupil Premium students. 
  • Continued focus on marking, assessment and feedback. 
  • Pupil premium students are closely tracked, facilitating swift intervention. 
  • Seating plans indicating vulnerable groups of students are in place and shared with adults other than the teacher who are supporting in lessons. 
  • Monitoring & evaluation of interventions used across the school to ensure progress is being measured accordingly and the interventions used provide good value for money. 
  • Additional transition programmes for students identified as vulnerable on transition. 
  • Tuition for students requiring English as an additional language 
  • Offsite educational, specialist provision 

Accessing Pupil Premium Funding 

Funding is allocated to the school on an annual basis. If you think your child is eligible for Pupil Premium support, you can apply for funding using the School Gateway