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Year 7 2025-26 Supplementary Application


Commonweal School is a Performing Arts specialist Academy. We admit up to 15 students in our annual Year 7 intake who demonstrate a particular aptitude in Performing Arts. These places are offered on the basis of the score obtained in an aptitude test.

How to Apply

To apply for a Performing Arts aptitude place you must:

  • Complete the Commonweal School online Supplementary Information Form 2025-26 using the following link to register your young person for the aptitude test.

The deadline to complete this supplementary form is Friday 27 September 2024

  • Apply as normal through your Borough of residence ensuring that you name Commonweal School on your list of school preferences.

The deadline to complete this application is Thursday 31 October 2024

If you have any questions about the process, please email

Aptitude Tests

Our annual assessment date for the Performing Arts tests will take place in mid-October each academic year. The date for this year’s test is Monday 7 October 2024.

We will write to all applicants with details of their young person’s test time no later than Wednesday 2 October 2024.

The test consists of three sections: Music, Dance and Drama. Students may choose to take part in one, two or all three tests. All the tests and activities are unseen, so there is nothing to prepare in advance and to ensure fairness the content of the tests will change each year. Students who show a significant aptitude in one or more disciplines will be considered to have passed the test for the purpose of applications.

Applicants must arrive at Reception 15 minutes before their start time as indicated in the letter. Upon arrival, a member of the Performing Arts Faculty will greet and brief applicants and their parents.

Once registered, applicants will be taken to the relevant department area. Once the tests are complete, applicants be taken back to Reception.

Commonweal School will then email you by Friday 11 October 2024 with the results of your young person’s performance in each test taken. In this communication we will indicate whether their application will be ranked under our Performing Arts criterion, as set out in section 2 of our Admissions Policy.

Music Aptitude Test


In a group or as a soloist (dependent on numbers), applicants will be taught a section of a song which they will then perform



Applicants will be provided with a mood and after 30 minutes preparation time asked to perform a short piece responding to the mood.

Dance Aptitude Test

Applicants will be taught a simple 8-16 count routine in groups (dependent on numbers). Applicants will then have to choreograph the next part of this based on a given stimulus such as a picture, which will be unseen until the day. This test will culminate with applicants performing the routine at the end of the session.

Drama Aptitude Test

The drama test will be a group task (dependent on numbers) based around a stimulus. In groups applicants are provided with a stimulus and a short script, which they have to create their own piece of drama from. Both the script and stimulus are unseen and students will perform their piece at the end of the session.