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Year 6 Frequently Asked Questions

Moving from primary to secondary school is an exciting time but can also be a cause for feeling nervous or uncertain.

Students in Class

We want to assure you that these feelings are completely normal! We would expect all Year 6s to be experiencing these feelings to some extent. We have created a list of questions which may help you with your transition to Commonweal:

Will I be with my friends in the same tutor group?
You may be in a tutor group with some of your friends, but likely not all of them. You will be in a tutor group with at least one person from your primary school, unless you are the only student coming to Commonweal from your class. Ideally, we would like you to use this opportunity to make new friends too, as that is what this process is about.

What if I am the only person from my primary school coming to Commonweal?
We try to put children who come to us as the only members of a primary school together, so at least there will be a few of you in the same situation to help you make friends more easily.

Is the work difficult?
The work at secondary school is a continuation of what you have been learning in Year 6. Some of the learning will recap what you have done and then you will move on to build new concepts and ideas as Year 7 progresses. The teachers will plan your learning carefully, so it is both accessible and challenging.

How much homework do we get?
That really depends on the subject and the teacher. Your teachers know the appropriate amount to set you in Year 7 and if you keep on top of it, it should always be manageable. Homework is set on Edulink One.

How often do I see my tutor?
You will see your tutor every day from 8.40am to 9.00am. Over the week you will have a range of activities to cover, and you will have a whole year group assembly or House assembly, depending on the week.

How long are lessons?
Lessons are one hour in length. You will have five lessons a day.

Can I sit with my friends in lessons?
Whilst you may be in class with your friends from your primary school, teachers will assign seats to allow you to work with others from Year 7 so that you get to know each other.

Do you get breaks?
There are two 30-minute breaks. One where you will eat your lunch and one where you will have the opportunity to attend enrichment clubs, speak to your teacher or socialise with your friends. You also have 5 minutes between lessons to move across the site.

What happens if you get lost when you first arrive?
You may get lost and you may get confused but this is only temporary. Do not worry, staff and students are extremely helpful and whilst it might seem like an enormous school at first, you will become familiar with it very quickly. Use the map in the planner and one the walls in school! If in doubt – ask someone.

Are there lots of clubs we can do?
We have a wider range of extra-curricular activities available, and we host a Clubs Fair early in the year so you can sign up for the various enrichment activities on offer.

Who do I go to if I have a problem?
Your tutor should ideally be your first point of contact if you have a problem. You have a Head of House and Deputy Head of House who is solely responsible for the students in your House and support you with any problems and issues, should any arise. Remember to see your tutor first. Commonweal staff are extremely supportive and identified staff in school are trained to deal with issues such as anxiety, relationship issues etc. We also have members of staff responsible for Safeguarding in the school who are all highly trained to respond to your worries or concerns.

Do you need lunch money every day?
If you want a school lunch, you will have to have money on your account so that you can use our cashless scanner to pay for your food. This account will be set up for you on the first day you attend school, and your parents/carers top it up. You will be shown how it all works on your first day of secondary school.

Can I bring in a mobile phone to school?
Mobile phones can be brought into school; however, phones should be switched off and only used outside of the school building. Phones are not to be used for communication purposes in school. Phones can be used in lessons for educational purposes when students are instructed to use them by teachers.

We hope these questions have helped to ease any worries about what it will be like at Commonweal, but please speak to us if you have any other questions!