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Welcome Year 6

Dear Year 6,

We’re so excited that you’re coming to join us at Commonweal in September.

I’m Mrs Merk and I’m the Transition Lead at Commonweal School. My role is to answer any questions you may have and to support you on this exciting journey.

We know that you might be feeling especially nervous since your transition to Year 7 will be a bit different this year, because we’re all practising social distancing at the moment to keep everyone safe.

However, to make sure you’re ready to kick off a really brilliant year, we will be in contact with you and your parents/carers over the next term.

We know that joining Year 7 can feel daunting, so don’t bottle up how you’re feeling. Instead, make sure you tell someone so we can support you. Year 7 can also be an exciting fresh start and we can’t wait to see you flourish!

While we can’t say yet when we’ll be able to open the school fully, we’ll keep your parents/carers updated so you know what’s going on.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you over the coming term as we prepare for a fantastic year ahead.

Warm wishes,

Mrs Merk