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School and personal property

  • Books are loaned to students and must be treated with care. Equipment lost or damaged must be replaced and paid for.
  • Although all reasonable care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted for the loss or damage of personal property belonging to students. All articles should be be clearly and indelibly marked with the owner’s name.
  • No articles of value should be brought into school. Money (which should be kept to a minimum), must be in a named purse kept safely on the owner’s person.  Any large sums should be deposited for safe-keeping, either with a member of staff or with the Finance staff.  Money or articles of value must not be left, under any circumstances, in the classrooms, changing rooms or bags.
  • We only cater for students for the first three years. Our Year 10s and Year 11s must, therefore, look after all necessary equipment on their person.  Sixth Form students have the opportunity to have lockers.