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Paying for School Lunches

At Commonweal, we expect all students to remain on site at lunchtime, unless written permission is sought by parents at the start of the year.

When students enroll on the first day of the September term, we will issue School Network Accounts and a scan will be taken of their index fingertip. The optical scanner works in the same way as a digital camera; random points of the fingertip are broken down into data points and are converted to what is essentially a string of random numbers. No-one has access to this information and the stored data points can never be viewed as anything other than a string of numbers and letters, so please be assured this software is very secure. Where parents have advised that they wish their child to be excluded from this initiative they will not, of course, have their fingertip scanned.

Our preferred method of payment for school meals is School Gateway. More information on this detailed here.