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Edulink One

Edulink One allows:

  • Setting of work for teachers
  • Notification that work has been set for a Student
  • Confirmation that the work has been done for a Teacher
  • Notification of work and completion for a Parent/Carer

Frequently Asked Questions for Students and Parents/Carers

How does a Student and Parent/Carer access Edulink One?
Students – as per sessions in your tutor group, you need to download the Edulink One App to your device (Apple app Store or Google Play) or using a web browser, login in at  Use ‘commonweal’ as the School ID and then use your normal computer login details here at school.
Parents/Carers – you will have received from the school (check your SPAM filter), for you to register and log in.  Once logged in, you can monitor the work that has been set for your child as per the video below.

What if I have login problems?
Students – the same process applies as if you were in school.  E-mail for assistance.  If you have locked your account, this will unlock automatically after 30 minutes.  To access school email, go here: and login to Office 365 using your usual login details ( and your network password).

If you can’t login, it could be that your password has expired.  If this is the case, then click the Login With Microsoft button.  Enter your e-mail address and your current password.  You’ll then be prompted to set a new password.  Your new password should be at least 8 characters in length, contain capitals, lower and numbers and one you have not used before.

Parents/Carers – Email and a member of our technical team will troubleshoot for you.

How often will work be set?
Work will be set in two-week chunks. Students will be set work to cover the curriculum time given for the subject.  As per the videos below, Students and Parents/Carers can access the work that has been set via the Edulink One app or website.

Where is the work to be completed?
All work is to be completed in usual class exercise books/folders/booklets unless otherwise specified. This is so Parents/Carers/Teachers can monitor the completion and quality of work being produced.

How does a student tell a teacher that a piece of work is completed?
As per the video below, students simply click ‘done’ under the work set.  This notifies the Teacher/Heads of Subject who will monitor the completion of work.  Parents/Carers can also monitor the completion of work in their version of the app (see video below).

What if there are any questions about the work that has been set?
The same process applies as if you were in school. Email your teacher at their school email address and they will be happy to help you.

What if I can’t open the work my teacher has set me?
If teachers include an attachment for students to look at, it will probably be a powerpoint, word document or a PDF.  PDFs should open on any device, but Powerpoint/Word documents need an app to open them.  Go to the App Store or Google Play and download ‘Word’ and ‘Powerpoint’ and this problem will be solved.  If a student is working on a laptop/computer, they can download the ‘Microsoft Suite’ when they login to Office 365.  They need to go to ‘Install Office’ in the top right-hand corner ( .  All these app/programme installations are free.

A extra note for Parents/Carers:
We appreciate this is a challenging time for everybody concerned; we are all committed to the education and well-being of our students.  Here are two useful documents how to assist students working at home.