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COVID-19 Safeguarding Statement

Although the school building is closed to students, safeguarding our vulnerable children and ensuring families are signposted to the support they need remains a priority.

Here is a list of useful contact numbers and websites for students and their families.

Please also refer to the Safeguarding Tab on our website –

  • Swindon Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) – 01793 466903 select OPTION 2 Seek advice on any safeguarding concerns about your child
  • Early Help Hub  – 01793 466903 select OPTION 1 to speak to Early Help Hub for advice or Team around the Child advice **
  • Social Workers – 01793 466903 select OPTION 3 to speak to an allocated social worker you have **
  • The Family Service – 01793 465111 **
  • U Turn – 01793 464662 Swindon service for support, help and guidance to young people (and their families) who have alcohol and/or drug-related problems.
  • Tamhs – 01793 463177 **
  • Camhs – 01865 903480 **
  • Ontrak – 01793 464662 Swindon Counselling service for  14-19 yr olds
  • Lift Psychology – 01793 836836 (No courses currently but 1:1 telephone appts. Service for 16 years only and above)
  • NHS – 111
  • Police – 101

**These services are available to call only if you are already working with them or have had a referral made

School Nursing Service

For young people 11-18 in secondary schools
Speak to a qualified nurse on 0300 247 0090, a confidential telephone drop-in service Monday to Friday 12-2pm.

CHAT health text service for advice or support for any health issues or worries. Text number 07480 635513

For parents of children of any age
Access to advice and support with one of our duty nurses Monday to Friday 9-5pm. Tel 0300 247 0090


If you have any concerns about your child during the period where students and staff are working from home, then please use staff school email addresses, which is their initial followed by surname

Your child’s tutor and house team, C6 team should remain your primary point of contact in the first instance unless it is a safeguarding issue, please see the list of email addresses below for pastoral and safeguarding teams.

This will, for obvious reasons be a limited range of support, but we will certainly endeavour to direct you to any other agencies who could help.

Please note this is for Safeguarding and Pastoral support and NOT for any advice, medical or otherwise about COVID 19 – please use the websites listed above and NHS for this.

There will also be a Safeguarding Phone Number you can call and leave a message on for any emergencies. Please ensure you clearly give your name, reason for call and a return number to call.  The phone will be checked during school working hours only. Outside of these hours use the numbers listed above.

COMMONWEAL SAFEGUARDING NUMBERS – 07444 392094 or 07555 109766
These numbers are to be used for SAFEGUARDING QUERIES ONLY.

Please use the usual school email address or website if you have other questions about Edulink or work being set.

Louise Forrester Assistant Head Designated Safeguarding Lead
James Woods Assistant Head Pastoral & Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Kelly Cummings Deputy safeguarding Lead
Ruth Becket ** School counsellor Main school
Tracy Rosser ** School counsellor C6
Dani Brown ** Behavioural/Wellbeing support TA
Becca Fidan SENCO
James Matcham Assistant Head – Head of C6
Hazel McKay Head of Year C6
House team
Martin Scandling Head of Sarum
Gary Nash Deputy Head of Sarum
Marika Ryan Head of Whitehorse
Amie Burridge Deputy Head of Whitehorse
Susie Whittington Head of Stonehenge
Kerhys Lang Deputy Head of Stonehenge
Maz Drew Head of Ridgeway
Jordan Sheppard Deputy Head of Ridgeway

** Please only use these staff if you are a student who is currently on their open case list (if not you should use your tutor or House team in the first instance)