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Careers Support Students

What you can expect

The Commonweal School believes that good careers education goes hand in hand with you achieving academic success and achieving your potential. There are many education, training and employment opportunities that you need to navigate, and it can appear confusing and complex which is why Commonweal School is committed to providing an outstanding careers programme that helps you to make the right choices for your progression after school or sixth form. We strive to make the most of all your motivations, skills and talents and help your parents / carers support you in the decision-making stages.

The careers programme at Commonweal aims to support you from year 7 to year 13, helping you identify and build experiences, skills and behaviours essential for a successful working future. Over your time at the school, we will provide you with access to personal and unbiased information and guidance in various forms about the range of training options available post 16 and18 as well as insight into up to date labour market information and pathways to specific careers.  By helping you with decisions at crucial stages, informing you of all your training options and introducing you to the world of work, we aim to prepare you for the world of work whatever pathway you choose.

At Commonweal, we have a whole school approach to careers with all staff available to support your careers education from the pastoral team to your tutor and subject teachers. This year, 2019 – 2020, Commonweal has implemented a software programme Unifrog to help students with their career and education plans. Unifrog brings all the available information together into one single, impartial, user-friendly platform that helps students to make the best choices and submit the strongest applications. Unifrog also empowers teachers and careers advisers to manage the progression process effectively.

Commonweal has a designated ‘Futures team’ who co-ordinate and monitor the delivery of your Careers provision:

Information about the different elements of the careers programme

Click here for details of the activities for each school year.

Click here for full information about the different elements of the careers programme which is offered to students.

Resources and useful websites

  1. Click here to go to the page where all of the ‘Careers roundups’ are available.
  2. List of useful websites to research career options.
  3. Click here for information on Apprenticeships.
  4. Click here for information on Work Experience.
  5. Click here for a download of Interview Tips.
  6. Information about jobs and careers – there are several websites which provide useful information about types of jobs, where they tend to be based, what the expected salary is, working hours, expected future employment trends, and career pathways.• – you can search by subject or job sector. Click on the link and choose your job or subject, then click on ‘job profile’. You will then see a list of different jobs – click on one which you are interested in and you will see further information on that job. – as with Careerpilot you can search by subject of job sector. The site provides a lot of information about the skills you need, work experience opportunities, qualifications you need, job description and salary. – general information about different job sectors.
  7. A sample career calendar – includes information on the activities which will be part of the school’s careers programme.
  8. Click here for details of the Annual Careers Programme at Commonweal which was delivered in 19/20. Due to Covid-19, activities planned for the careers programme in 20/21 have had to be rescheduled, offered in virtual formats, or re-drafted. Examples of activities which have taken place include this academic year:
    • A series of 4 apprenticeship workshops aimed at students thinking of applying for apprenticeships.
    • Virtual careers lessons
    • Work experience – many employers are offering a range of virtual work experience opportunities at weekends and school holidays. These are being promoted to students through the weekly careers roundup.
    • National Careers Week (1 to 6 March 2021) – a range of activities which can be delivered face to face or virtually.
    • University trips – most universities are holding virtual open days. UCAS have also held virtual
    • 121 Careers Advice sessions in school or held virtually using Teams.
  9. Alumni stories