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GCSE Results 2021

Year 11 students are receiving their KS4 results today and they should be very proud of themselves. Commonweal prides itself on teaching independence, resilience and overcoming adversity – these Year 11 students have been true ambassadors for this community during this period and the staff applaud them.

These results represent learning during one of the most challenging times in the history of education for our young people. Covid-19 meant online education for the vast majority between March and July 2020; with face-to-face lessons between June and July 2020. Further disruption ensued with certain classes and on one occasion, the whole year group isolating for a week before Christmas. January to March 2021 signified more online lessons via Teams. This has been a challenging period requiring their motivation, dedication and maturity.

As per last year, students have today overwhelmingly received the grades that the school believes, their efforts deserve; grades that enable them to pursue the futures they have planned in September 2021. Today’s grades are teacher-assessed; their abilities in subjects have been confirmed by those that can recognise the skills and knowledge needed – Commonweal’s staff.

The school looks forward to seeing lots of Year 11s for C6 enrolment on the 26th of August. To those students continuing their studies elsewhere, Commonweal wishes a warm farewell; wherever you go, thank you for being a fantastic Commonwealean and please keep in touch.

As a diverse and inclusive community, Commonweal students have made all of us proud today. There were also notably strong performances in all sciences, English Literature, Geography, Performing Arts, MFL and Sport Science CNAT amongst others.

Many excellent results will be celebrated today, but a few individuals achieved particularly highly; Grade 9s are reserved for the top 3% of students in each subject. Kody Bowler achieved 8 x grade 9s and 1 x grade 8. Tyler Heath achieved 7 x Grade 9s, 2 x Grade 8s and a grade 7. Aurinta Nazarovaite again achieved 6 x Grade 9s, 3 x Grade 8s and a Grade 7. We must also congratulate those who exceeded their expected progress by over 2 grades, praise must be given to: Kody Bowler (again!), Hamid Naizi, Pavitra Shetye, Rory Viggers, Kimmy Shopland, Patricio White-Rojas, Mara Costello and Emaan Baluj. Congratulations to them, and to all the students celebrating the meeting and surpassing of their personal targets.

In total, Year 11 students completed 29 different GCSEs plus equivalent qualifications. 72% of students achieved a Grade 4 or better in both English and maths. 73% of students achieved at least 5 x Grade 4s including English and maths. In addition, 31% of students achieved at least 3 x Grade 7s. High and middle prior attaining students achieved particularly well compared to 2020 – this was a key focus for our school this academic year.

In his final summer as headteacher of Commonweal, Robert Linnegar said: “A huge congratulations to our Year 11s for their efforts and their parents/carers for the support during this period in education. I constantly talk about your journey into adulthood and how you will make your mark in the world, I believe this KS4 experience will be the making of you. I wish you fantastic futures at C6 and beyond. To Commonweal staff and our parents/carers, I would like to thank you again for continued support of our young people; I am immensely proud of our community during 2020-21.”