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COVID-19 – Statement to Year 11s

At this moment in time you are probably feeling confused and perhaps even anxious about your education, your qualifications and your future.  What will happen in the coming months is unclear. However there are some things we do know:

  • You won’t sit GCSEs and other exams this summer
  • You will be awarded GCSEs and other qualifications
  • You will be able to start courses at C6 and other post-16 providers next year

It is not certain how your grades will be awarded.  However we do know that teachers will be heavily involved in the process and it seems likely that your teachers’ judgements will be the key factor.  It is highly likely teachers will be asked to estimate the grade you would have obtained in May/June based on your work and assessments across the entire two year period of your GCSEs. For this reason, it is vital that you continue to complete all work set by your teachers to the very highest standard possible so that we have evidence of the grade you deserve. The next few months remain a crucial time.