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Performing Arts Ctec

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Life without the Performing Arts would be pretty dull!  Music, Dance and Drama are the corner stones to our culture and provide a creative output in an otherwise fast paced and pressured world.  Opting for the Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts will enable you to focus on your passion for Music, Dance or Technical Theatre, whilst developing a greater understanding for the Performing Arts as a whole.

The course aims to build on the individual’s current knowledge and understanding of their chosen art form, underpinning practical skills learnt both in and outside of the classroom.  This course is therefore ideal for students who have prior knowledge of the Arts, study the subject outside of school and have a passion for the subject.

  1. Course Title

    Cambridge Technicals Level 3: Diploma in Performing Arts

  2. Exam Board and Specification No.

    OCR 05851

What do I need to have studied/have knowledge of?

GCSEs in either Music, Dance or Drama with a grade 5 or above is preferred.

If following the music strand then the student must be partaking in lessons on an instrument or voice regularly either in or out of school.

If following the dance strand then outside dance lessons are required.

What will I learn on this course?

Students will complete units that cover the following: Working in the Performing Arts sector, Career’s in the Performing Arts and plan and deliver a Community Arts project.

Students will then specialise and develop skills within their chosen strand (music, dance, acting or theatre production).  This will be completed through performing, composing, choreography, technique, and much more.

What key skills will I develop?

Team work is essential within the mandatory units but this goes hand in hand with self-motivation and independent learning skills.

As a musician, students will develop skills on their chosen instrument/voice and also develop the ability to create their own music and learn general musicianship skills.

In dance, students will improve their technical ability alongside their ability to choreograph dances and analyse their own/peer and professional dance works.

Drama students can develop supporting skills to their Drama A level and an overview to the industry.

Theatre Production explores the technical and design aspects of performing arts and will develop students understanding and ability in this area.

How will I be assessed?

Students access 540 guided learning hours (glh) and complete 6 units.

  • Prepare to work in the performing arts sector – 120 glh
  • Proposal for a commissioning brief – 60 glh
  • Influential performance practice – 60 glh

These three mandatory units are externally assessed.

  • 3 or 4 other units chosen from their specialist strand (music/dance/theatre production)

These units are internally assessed.

Units are marked as PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION

What could this course lead to?

Education in the arts can lead to any number of careers or continued education at University Level.

Arts education equips you with skills such as time management, self-motivation, passion and enthusiasm that will enable learners to excel at University or a career in the performing arts industry. The L3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Performing Arts will qualify towards you carrying on to Higher Education to study various aspects of the Performing Arts.  There are many Higher Education establishments, drama schools, music colleges and dance schools that offer specialist theatre courses, such as acting, musical theatre, set design, costume, stage management, music performance, composition and contemporary dance technique.

You can also use this nationally recognised qualification to gain employment in the industry, for example in the Theatre or Art Centres.

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Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

Mrs R Thomas –

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