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Football Education Programme (STFC6)

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This course gives you the unique opportunity to choose the right qualifications you wish to study, whilst undertaking and engaging with your local professional football club Swindon Town.

The educational element will be tailored to meet your career aspirational needs over the two years, whilst enabling you to train, play competitive matches against other professional football clubs, and in addition undertake coach education and work experience opportunities, giving you an invaluable insight into the practicalities and skills required to become a professional football coach.

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What do I need to have studied/have knowledge of?

Due to the nature of the course it is desirable that you have a keen interest and a current involvement within the realms of Association Football.  This course being a two year Football Education Programme, is designed and tailored for students who wish to engage within structured professional training sessions, competitive football matches and coach education delivery.  A sound based knowledge and genuine love of the game are two major elements required if you are wishing to apply for this course.  The most important component is the educational aspect of the course, with you requiring a minimum of five GCSE’s of C grades and above, two of which need to be English and Mathematics.  As a student applying for this course you are required to have a determination to achieve, a positive attitude to engage within physical activity and being an advocate of a healthy lifestyle.  If you have a desire to pursue a career within the sporting industry, then this course will give you a sound base and knowledge to work towards achieving your goal.

What will I learn on this course?

The educational element of the course is tailored to meet your own personal academic needs.  The courses on offer, ranging from vocational to A level qualifications are available to you for consideration for you to choose the appropriate subjects you require to pursue your own personal career.

From the practical component this course will teach you the value of personal fitness and wellbeing, whilst demonstrating the true value of being a good positive team player.  The additional benefits are you gaining valuable practical work experience opportunities by working alongside the Swindon Town FC Football in the Community Trust professional coaches.

If you are of the mind set of wishing to pursue a career as a sports coach or becoming a physical education teacher, you will be offered the opportunity to take your FA Level 1 coaching qualification, which will give you a sound knowledge base on the components required for delivering structured practical football coaching sessions.

What key skills will I develop?

As a valued student on this course you will be required to ensure that you meet all the academic deadlines expected of you in relation to your educational studies.  It is paramount that you complete your assignments and meet the academic levels required in relation to the subjects you undertake.  Failure to do so will jeopardize your involvement within training sessions and match day fixtures.

This course will enable you to develop your skills in working as an individual, whilst developing a clear insight and understanding of being a key component within a team.  All aspects of this course will enhance your skill base both personally and professionally, building the foundations for you to create your career path after the two year academic course.

How will I be assessed?

There are no formal examinations although you will receive regular feedback and guidance.

What could this course lead to?

The Football Education Programme Course gives you, the student, the opportunity of gaining valuable football playing and coaching experience, running parallel to studying for your vocational or A level qualifications. After the two years there will be opportunities for you to go to University, or look at pursuing career opportunities within the sports and leisure industry.

As Swindon Town Football in the Community Trust we can offer part time coaching opportunities in relation to you being at University and you working Holiday Development Courses during half term periods.

Students wishing to pursue their playing opportunities, may wish to explore the possibility of gaining a football scholarship, for example in the United States of America. Talks can be arranged throughout your second year on the course, where we can ask companies and organisations to inform you what opportunities are available within the USA.

Additional events, trips or enrichment activities

Over the two years you will play football fixtures against other professional football clubs on a weekly basis.  In addition there will be opportunities to play in National Football competitions.  Whilst on the course, trips will be arranged to visit universities, in order for you to have the opportunity of looking at educational options once you have completed the two year course.

Are there any additional costs for this course?

Each student on the course will be required to purchase the allocated kit, which must be worn at all times over the two year period.  You will be allocated the following kit:

  • 2 x Sweatshirts
  • 2 x T-Shirts
  • 2 x Shorts
  • 2 x Socks
  • 1 x Tracksuit
  • 1 x Sports Bag

The total cost for this will be £220

STFC6 students will be expected to attend and pay for the FA Level 1 Football coaching qualification that Swindon Town offer.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

Mrs H McKay –