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A Level Computer Science

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This course is designed to provide you with a general grounding in computing, including an understanding of computer systems. You will also learn about the principles of programming and the solving of problems during this course.

Computers are all around us; in fact modern society would not survive without computers and during this course you will learn all about what goes on inside the computer.

You will gain a deep insight and understanding to how processors, memory, networks and storage work.   You will also learn about coding, so if you enjoy problem solving and being creative, then this course is for you.

  1. Course Title

    A Level Computer Science

  2. Exam Board and Specification No.

    AQA A-level: 601/4569/9

What do I need to have studied/have knowledge of?

You will have an aptitude for problem solving.  You will enjoy challenges and have a mathematical mind-set.  Ideally you will have a grade 6 at GCSE in maths and computer science.

Note: You must have studied Computer Science at GCSE level to gain access to the A level course.

What will I learn on this course?

Fundamentally you will become a problem solver.  You will look at problems from a different perspective and will be able to create real solutions.  You will learn to program using different techniques such as Structured and Object Oriented programming.

What key skills will I develop?

You will develop key skills such as being able to think creatively, logically and analytically.  You will also have a deep understanding of the organisation of computer systems, including software, hardware, data and communications.  You will be developing knowledge of programming, problem solving and time management.

How will I be assessed?

A Level

  • Programming, On-Screen Exam 2hr 30mins, 40% of A Level
  • Theory, Written Exam 2hr 3mins, 40% of A Level
  • Practical, Project 75 marks, 20% of A Level

What could this course lead to?

This course would be ideal if you intend to go on and study Computing, Computation, Computer Science and Software Engineering at university.  The course could also lead to careers in Computer Systems, Research & Development, Computer Programming, Systems Analysis and Design, Computer Games Production, Software Engineering and Teaching.

Additional events, trips or enrichment activities

There may be trips on offer during this course, however details of trips are still to be confirmed.

Are there any additional costs for this course?

Resources will be provided

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

Mrs J McMulen –


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