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Level 3 Technical Business

Teacher in charge of Subject

Mr P Chivers
Head of Subject


For those of you who are creative but who also enjoy working with people, marketing is an excellent choice of career.  Through this qualification you will gain knowledge and skills that will help you to become an influencer.

Building on core units that study the business environment and responsible business practice, you will study stakeholders and how to forge strong relationships, explore how research is undertaken to enable organisations to be effective in how they communicate, investigate the principles of marketing and how organisations use technology such as websites and social networking to influence the consumer.

You will study the course as part of a learning programme that could also include other subjects, but which will help you to develop the skills and knowledge that are needed in the Business sector.  You will be working on industry-focused assignments to help you to prepare for work which will help you to talk confidently about your knowledge and skills in an interview situation.  When you have successfully completed the course you will be able to look for a job, or if you prefer, along with your other studies you will be able to apply to university or college to continue your studies. Beginning with a study of the competitive business environment, you will study a range of marketing subjects, which will culminate in a collaborative project that you will work on as part of a team.  With experience you will eventually be able to specialise in a chosen area such as advertising.

  1. Course Title

    OCR Level 3 Technical Level Business: Marketing

  2. Exam Board and Specification No.

    OCR Level 3 Technical

What do I need to have studied/have knowledge of?

If you have studied Business Studies or related subjects at GCSE you will find the course a natural progression however must ensure you are aware of the increased demands and work load at Level 3.  It is however not essential that you have studied any Business related courses previously at GCSE or equivalent.  Students who have had no experience of Business before have the same opportunities to succeed and be successful in the course.

This course is aimed at students who feel traditional A Levels are not for them but still enjoy the subject and would like to study it further.

What will I learn on this course?

The learners will cover topics such as:

  • An introduction to the establishment, growth and survival of a business.
  • How to plan for, deliver and evaluate collaborative projects, exploring the importance of team dynamics and cooperation.
  • Understanding legal, ethical and social concerns influencing business activities.
  • Key concepts and terminology of marketing and how it fits within the organisation.
  • Main elements of marketing communications, customer relationship management, communications methods and tools, development of an outline marketing communications campaign.
  • Marketing research and the roles and functions within this area of marketing.
  • Key concepts associated with digital marketing.
  • Understanding of a range of organisational stakeholders beyond the customer

What key skills will I develop?

From the start of the course you will be encouraged to develop your independent learning skills; you will be expected to complete homework tasks and wider reading each week.  You will also be encouraged to use feedback from marked pieces to make improvements in your work.

There will be a number of opportunities to work as part of a team when either developing new business ideas or making recommendations for a current business situation.  It is very important that you can work with a variety of different people and effectively complete tasks that are set.  Within group activities you will also need to be assigned different roles which will allow the development of leadership and management skills.

One of the main factors that attract many students to study the course is the fact that along with an academic focus students are able to gain practical and real life experiences of the business world which is excellent preparation for their future careers.

So whether you’re a keen entrepreneur or someone who wants to work for a large corporation Business Studies A Level is the perfect stepping stone to help you achieve your career goals.

How will I be assessed?

This qualification is made up of eight mandatory units. All units must be completed to achieve the full

  1. Competitive business environment External examination
  2. Marketing Principles External examination
  3. Customer Communications Internally centre assessed
  4. Digital Essentials Internally centre assessed

What could this course lead to?

Learners who achieve this qualification will have a range of options.

Progression from this Level 3 qualification will lead to work as an assistant, clerical or practitioner role in industry. Learners could also access a higher apprenticeship. However, as it is studied at 16-19 as part of the study programme, learners will be studying additional qualifications such as an A-level, an Applied General, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), an AS and possibly resits for English and/or Maths GCSE. Learners will potentially be able to access Higher Education – either HNCs and HNDs or Degree programmes. Therefore, studying this qualification does not restrict future progression into one particular route.

The following are examples of job opportunities within this sector:

  • Business development executive
  • Fundraiser
  • Market research analyst
  • Marketing consultant
  • Marketing executive
  • Account Manager (Sales)
  • Area sales manager
  • Business development manager
  • Sales manager
  • Conference co-coordinator
  • Event organiser
  • Exhibition organiser
  • Hospitality manager

Companies that might employ someone with this qualification are:

  • Marketing companies
  • PR companies
  • advertising companies
  • conference centres
  • market research companies
  • large commercial businesses
  • charities.

Additional events, trips or enrichment activities

There will be opportunities to go on appropriate Business trips, take part in Business workshops, listen to business leaders and take part in Young Enterprise which is also run in the lower school.

Trips and visits will be confirmed and information will come out about these as organised.

Are there any additional costs for this course?

Depending on the trips that are arranged there may be a small cost for this however should not be over £20 a time.

You may also want to purchase revision guides and extended reading material that will be discussed before beginning the course.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

Mr P Chivers –