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Every child who enters Commonweal, deserves the right to the best possible educational experience they can obtain here. Staff would like their students to remember Commonweal as a vital building block to their next steps. This is achieved through quality first teaching, through excellent student support and through enrichment to grow their ‘cultural capital’ – understanding what makes them ‘whole’. These experiences need to facilitate our students to thrive, but also to make mistakes – to learn how to overcome a challenge.

Commonweal’s golden threads of global learning and our focus on literacy in our curriculum will equip our students with the tools they need. Not only will they be able to recognise the links between subject areas, but also know right from wrong, to challenge inequality of all types and to make the world a better place.

Commonweal’s Curriculum is broad, balanced and inclusive. Commonweal provides the opportunity for all students to achieve.

Please have a look through the different faculty sections below to how each subject area has a  personalised approach to engage, excite and challenge Commonweal students.

View Commonweal Sixth Form courses here.