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School Trips

We aim to create opportunities for all students to take part in school trips and curricular/enrichment activities.

The Curriculum Committee have agreed a proposed schedule of residential/overseas trips from 2021-22 onwards (details in the Planned Trips Section).  Governors wanted to make sure parents/careers knew about these trips in advance so parent/careers can make an informed decision about what school trip their child might want to go on.

Due to the high demand for places on some trips it is necessary for the school to have a system of allocating places. Please consult the organising member of staff to understand how trip places are filled.

In some exceptional circumstances it may be necessary for a student not to be accepted on a trip (for example, if their behaviour in school has been such that their attendance on a trip might endanger the health and safety of either themselves or those around them). The Commonweal Way is in place to avoid this situation.

In line with school and DfE policies, the school will ask parents for set voluntary contributions towards the cost of curricular trips via schoolcomms. Enrichment trips (out of school hours) will be charged at a level to cover costs to the school, however parents/carers in receipt of certain benefits may be exempt from the costs of board and lodging on residential trips.