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Because of what’s happening in the world right now, we’ve made a few changes to our food service to keep you safe when dining with us.

At lunchtime we offer a variety of meal deals, that incorporate a variety of dishes and can include a drink, dessert of the day; the meal deal costs students £2.40.  Students’ accounts can be topped up using SchoolGateway.  We have reduced the online top up payment to £5.  And our coin loader is only available to year 10 & 11 until further notice.

Students and staff are able to purchase food at lunchtime only.  Although, Sixth Form students also have the option to purchase snacks and hot and cold drinks, during their private study lessons.
Please click here to view our menus. And please look out on the school’s Facebook page for more offers & promotions.

Allergies and special requirements

We ensure our teams are kept up to date with the knowledge to cater for different requirements but please do talk to us so we can work together to provide food that is safe for you to eat.

Free school meals

We understand that there may be some families that have had a change in financial circumstances and may now be entitled to apply for Free School Meals. This website helps you to establish if you can claim. school meals

Meet the team
Aspens Catering Team

Aspens - Meet the Team C6

The catering service at The Commonweal is provided by Aspens Catering Services.  The team on site is managed by Tracey Milne.

Aspens understands that what children eat affects their health and their ability to learn and perform in the classroom. At Commonweal, our catering team provides nutritious,
balanced meals, and we work to educate the pupils on how to make healthier food choices. Our goal is to instill a love and understanding of fresh, healthy food at a young age that will positively influence them throughout life.

All Aspens staff receive training in how to prepare and serve healthier food through the company’s training programme. As well as Food safety and Healthy & safety training programme, including COVID 19 safety programme.

Helpful reminders

During the pandemic we have introduced changes and taken measures in line with the latest government guidance especially around staff training, social distancing, food safety
and enhanced cleaning regimes. This means that we continue to produce and serve food safely.

You may have noticed a few more signs around the school. These are here to help you move around safely. You may also see some around the dining hall. These will help you to queue, collect your food.

Wash your hands and sanitise them where possible

Keep Your Distance

Keep your distance

Only Touch

Only touch what you are buying


Do not share

Do not share food or drinks and only collect food and drinks yourself

Speak to a member of our team

Observing these will help keep everyone safe.
Speak to a member of our team if you are unsure of any of the changes

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