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Ruth Flame

Ruth FlameAfter finishing her GCSEs at Commonweal Ruth decided that she wanted to do A-levels.  She thought that sixth form would be the best place because she was already comfortable there and knew lots of people already.  She wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted to do at first, as she had always thought that she wanted to pursue dance but decided that it wasn’t the best choice for her.  She did A-levels in Law, Psychology and Sociology and realised how much she enjoyed Law.

Ruth did some legal work experience and explored the subject and decided that it was something that really interested her.  She only started thinking about Oxford at the end of year 12 after she had been there for an open day.  Ruth never thought that she would get in but figured it was only one of her 5 UCAS choices and so it didn’t matter too much. However, very happily, Ruth got an interview and then was offered a place at New College to study Law.