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Assessment and Grading – Summer 2022

Earlier this year it was announced that GCSEs, A-levels and other exams would go ahead as planned. Guidance has been given materials have been made available for teachers and students to prepare.

At Commonweal we will therefore carry out our traditional exam preparation period culminating in summer exams for our Year 11 and Year 13 students.

Teaching of new material in examined subjects will have generally ended by the Easter holidays, Friday 8th April. Some subject areas finished content as early as February half-term. Year 11 and Year 13 lessons have been and will continue to contain revision/assessment preparation of the work that has been covered since September 2020.

Although this is a traditional summer of examinations, exam boards have still published exam changes in most subject areas in light of the Covid19 pandemic. Heads of subject have compiled a list of those changes which can found in the syllabus documents below. Each subject page will explicitly tell you which parts of the curriculum will and will not be assessed. There will be no surprises.

Exams will be in the new gym, the C6 Auditorium or in certain classrooms under conditions as per the Year11 pre-app exams and Year 13 mocks. Students with access arrangements will receive their access arrangements.

The information above has been given to Year 11 and Year 13 students in a variety of forms so that they understand what they need to do to be successful in the coming weeks. We will do everything that we can do to ensure that they have the best opportunity to shine and show us what they can achieve.

Study Leave

Study Leave is an opportunity for students to set their own priorities and revise the material most pertinent to them.​ When they are on study leave, they don’t have a subject expert on hand immediately to assist them.

Once exams start students will have the option to be on study leave P1-P3 before an afternoon exam. When coming into school during second break students should sign in through reception. ​Students will also have the option to be on study leave P4-P5 the day before a morning exam. Students should sign out through reception at the start of 2nd break. Students cannot come and go at other times​. Students who are in school will be in timetabled lessons doing subject work directed by the subject teacher​.

If a student finishes a course before full time study leave starts, they will still go to the lesson on their timetable to do private study. This will need to be individual, self-organised, quiet study. Students need to make sure they bring in revision resources. Year 11 students are not allowed to the use of phones/headphones unless they are permitted by the teacher for educational use.

Full-time study leave will start:

  • Year 11 – Wednesday 8th June
  • Year 13 – Friday 13th May

​Extra support

As well as the preparation that you will receive in class, extra support sessions will be made available to all Year 11 and Year 13 students. Those students most at risk of under achievement will be requested to attend where appropriate.

The drop-in support below starts in Term 5 for Year 11 only.  Sessions for Year 13 will be organised by subject teachers directly. Subject specialist teachers will be present at both.

DaySubject Support Available
MondayMusic - 08
Dance – Dance Studio
iMedia - 114
Week B -Sociology- 606
Catering - 127
TuesdayMusic - 08
Dance – Dance Studio
iMedia - 114
Week B -Sociology- 606
Catering - 127
WednesdayLanguages – 101/102/103/104
Maths – 8am Foundation paper (029)
Week B -Sociology -213
ThursdayScience - 114
Art -125
Sports Studies/Science - 116
Media - 117
Computer Science - 212
Week A – Sociology 213
Friday (Week B)Maths – Exam technique (2pm/029)

Full individual timetables can be viewed and downloaded on Edulink One