House System

There are four School Houses within Commonweal which are named after Historical sites within Wiltshire. Each house is designated its own colour. These are:

  • Ridgeway
  • Sarum
  • Stonehenge
  • Whitehorse

Upon arrival at the school, each student is placed within a House.  This House will act as a ‘Community’ for the students, a school within a school. Students will compete in inter House events throughout the year. The House with the most amount of points will be awarded the House Shield. The House that wins Sports Week will be awarded the prestigious Dr Jones’ Shield. In their final year of Commonweal, students are able to apply to become House Officials.

Commonweal is very proud of the History of high quality Pastoral Care we provide through our House system.  The support networks provided by Tutors, the Head of House and Deputy Head of House within the House System work effectively to make students feel safe and cared for.  The most recent Ofsted Report for Commonweal stated that, ‘Students say they feel completely safe in school and if they have a problem, they know they can talk to a member of staff who will sort it out.’  We feel this reflects the day to day work within our House System which strives to maintain the traditions of Commonweal whilst constantly seeking to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of our students.

Ridgeway House

Ridgeway is led by a team of Mr Woods as the Head of House and Mrs Drew as Deputy Head of House. Mr Woods is now the longest serving Head of House, entering his tenth year in the post. Both Mr Woods as a sport lover and Mrs Drew as a PE teacher are fiercely competitive and like to encourage Ridgeway students to strive for excellence in all inter house activities and events. Ridgeway has a rich heritage in winning inter House events which they will look to maintain in 2016-2017.

Year 11 House Officials 2016-2017

  • Girls Captain: Shalope Olaniyan
  • Girls Vice Captain: Mya Larocque
  • Boys Captain: Ben Langcaster
  • Boys Vice Captain: Kieran Rickards

Sarum House

Sarum house headed up by the experienced team of Mr Scandling, deputized by Mr Nash has a long and proud heritage of academic, performing arts and sporting success. The entire Sarum house team of tutors are dedicated to ensuring all students achieve to their highest potential in all endeavours. Many Sarum students actively take part in all aspects of school life, supported by a fantastic team of year 11 house captains and house officials, who act as peer mentors and role models to all students in the house. Most recent successes include, but are not limited to, victory in both 2016 Sports day and inter house sporting competitions.

All staff and students involved with Sarum are incredibly proud to be part of such a successful house!

House Captains

  • Suha Mubarrat
  • Abby Parmenter
  • Danny Horsell
  • Megan Burkhardt

Sports Captains

  • Halle Gordon Jeary
  • Enya Atiopou
  • Tom Phillips
  • Tabitha Fitzgerald

House Officials

  • Jess Croucher
  • Ally Horsell
  • Sumayyah Ahmed
  • Casey Akehurst
  • Khamida Serrao
  • Harmony Kearns

Stonehenge House

The Stonehenge team is made up of Mrs Whittington, Head of House, along with Miss Lang as Deputy Head of House and a team of form tutors all of whom are committed to supporting and nurturing their tutees throughout their time at Commonweal. Stonehenge students take an active role in sports with many representing the school in various teams as well as fully participating in the many events put on by the Performing Arts department.

House Officials

  • VICE HOUSE CAPTAIN – Georgina Hanson
  • BOYS HOUSE CAPTAIN – Sacha Marlow
  • BOYS VICE HOUSE CAPTAIN – Oliver Jarrett
  • VICE SPORTS CAPTAIN – Laura Edwards

House Officials

  • Charlie Fenton-Moore
  • Bekkah Jarrett
  • Wencesl Dias
  • Alice Lockey

Whitehorse House

Whitehorse house consists of Mrs Ryan as the Head of House and Miss Pooley as Deputy Head of House, who ensure every student under their care is able to achieve their potential. Whitehorse is renowned for our team spirit which is shared and fostered by both tutors and students alike. The house has celebrated success in a range of activities and events throughout the years. Whitehorse students seem to be particularly gifted in the Performing Arts; there is a range of talented singers, actors and dancers who all perform in the house assemblies.

Year 11 House Team 2018-2019

  • Girls House Captain: Poppy Watkins
  • Girls Vice House Captains: Hannah Lenehan and Hope Turner
  • Boys House Captain: Tyler Checchia
  • Boys Vice House Captain: Myles Munday
  • Girls Sports Captain: Nerea Perez-Chirgwin
  • Girls Vice Sports Captains: Alys Battye and Elize Thomas
  • Boys Sports Captain: Luca Busuttil
  • Boys Vice Sports Captain: Anush Varma
  • House Officials: Preeti Limbu, Anna Kiddier and Madeline Spruce