School Surveys

As part of our monitoring and evaluation we commission Kirkland Rowell to conduct surveys on views of staff, students and parents on a three year rotation.  Kirkland Rowell are the leading practitioners in this field and provide us with detailed information to inform future developments and celebrate current successes.


Mark Rowland - Swindon Challenge 1.04 MB 5 downloads

Rosendale Research School has visited every secondary school in Swindon and reviewed...

Kirkland Rowell Student Survey Report 2016 1.11 MB 4 downloads

This report details the findings of the second Kirkland Rowell Student Survey for...

Kirkland Rowell 2012 Student Survey Highlights 190.98 KB 22 downloads

This report details the findings of the second Pupil Education Perception Monitor...

Staff Survey No. 2 to September 2011 258.93 KB 30 downloads

Education Perceptions Monitor Staff Survey No.2 To September 2011 For The Commonweal...

Parent Survey No.2 to October 2010 431.68 KB 29 downloads

Education Perceptions Monitor Parent Survey No.2 To October 2010 For The Commonweal...