Use Microsoft Office365 to access E-Mail, Office Online, OneDrive for Business and Sharepoint Sites.

Logon onto Sharepoint Sites on Office365 to gain access to subject resources.

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Access the world of I Am Learning at home.
Please note:  The School ID is: COSN1.  Your login is made up of your firstnamesurname, with your password being your date of birth numbers only, eg. User name for Joe Bloggs would be ‘joebloggs’ and password for 7th July 2000 would be ‘07072000’ – you can change this password once you are logged in.

Use HAP+ to download and upload files to your N: Drive (Home Drive)

Gain access to the School’s Library System from home

The school’s ClickView Video library is available to access from home along with a vast library of other videos generated by other ClickView schools across the country.

Magellan from CSE is for Staff and C6 Students for accessing resources from home