Clubs Term 3 – 3rd January to 10th February 2017

Club Leader Day/s Time Years
Film club PAC Mon – Thurs Lunch all Years
The Social Club MCH Mon Weds Fri Lunch 7&8
Minecraft TFC Monday Lunch 7
Trampolining MKD/AZS Monday Lunch GCSE PE Only
History Club week B EZB Monday Lunch All
DofE CMO/BF/LH/CCC Monday & Tuesday After 9&10
Boys Vocal Group ALS Tuesday Lunch 7 & 8
Basketball JOS Tuesday Lunch 9
Dance CMB Tuesday Lunch 7
Minecraft TFC Tuesday Lunch 8
Basketball MKD/AZS Tuesday Lunch All
Blue & Jazz Band Blyth Bennett Tuesday Lunch By Invitation
CDCo CMB Tuesday After By Invitation
Gardening HB Tuesday After All
Football JOS Wednesday After 9
Malala CMO Wednesday Lunch All
Future Chef MLH Wednesday After 8
Basketball AJS Wednesday Lunch 10
Football AJS Wednesday After All
Cricket AJS Wednesday After All
Table Basketball JCH Wednesday Lunch 11
Football JCH Wednesday After All
Dance CMB Wednesday Lunch 8
STFC Football MKD/AZS Wednesday After 7, 8, 9
Collective ALS Thursday Lunch All
Cookery Club MLH Thursday After 7, 8, 9
Table tennis JOS Thursday Lunch 9
Football MKD/AZS Thursday Lunch 10 & 11
Table tennis JCH Friday Lunch 8
Gymnastics ALB Friday Lunch 7
Drama MJS Friday Lunch 7
Sweet Harmony ALS Friday Lunch 7 & 8 Girls