The Commonweal Code

Students at Commonweal have the right to an education which offers them the best opportunity to achieve their potential. Teachers are here to create the circumstances for this to happen, with assistance from support staff, parents and governors.

Guiding Principles

We believe that Commonweal is for the good of all!

For this to be the case, it is essential that every one of us is:

  • Considerate respecting everyone else as an individual; Making sure our words and actions do not cause inconvenience to everybody.
  • Courteous being polite & helpful at all times.
  • Co-operative being willing to work together & get on with each other.
  • Hard working doing our best.
  • Honest being truthful; knowing right from wrong
  • Responsible being reliable & responsible for our actions:
    Behaving as part of our community

The Principles in Action

What this means in practice is that we should all do the following:

  • Be Punctual avoid late arrival
  • Speak considerately avoid shouting and offensive language
  • Be prepared for lessons have the necessary materials
  • Move in an orderly way avoid running, keep to the left in corridors and
    hold doors open for others
  • Respect the environment clear up, put litter in bins and look after our buildings Furniture and natural environment

In Lessons

It is the responsibility of teachers to:

  • prepare appropriate work for all students in the group
  • provide opportunities for students to be actively involved in their own learning
  • recognise, encourage and reward effort and achievement
  • assess student’s work regularly
  • maintain an orderly atmosphere in the classroom

It is the responsibility of students to:

  • get on with their work to the best of their ability
  • be properly dressed in the correct uniform : to be smart is to think smart!
  • complete class and homework tasks on time
  • be prepared to work (with anyone else) in the group in a co-operative and respectful way
  • ask for help when necessary
  • come with the right equipment
  • carry out instructions given by the teacher

The Bottom Line

The law of the land applies at Commonweal just as it does everywhere else. So, there are some things which are forbidden, not just because we may disapprove of them but because they are against the law.

These include:

  • truancy/being off-site without permission
  • dropping litter
  • drinking alcohol under age
  • substance abuse & misuse
  • threatening behaviour/physical violence
  • damage to property
  • betting & gambling
  • sexist/racist behaviour
  • smoking