From September 2016 assessment and reporting at Commonweal will look different. The new system is our response to the abolition of National Curriculum levels and the introduction of a new grading system at GCSE. The new GCSE grades are from 1 to 9 and correspond to the old GCSE grades as shown below.

Ofqual Assessment
The grades students are issued in reports and assessments will be based on a set of subject-specific criteria relating to specific knowledge; understanding and skills. Years 7, 8 and 9 have year-specific criteria for each subject. Year’s 10 and 11 have one shared set of criteria for each subject. The criteria and details for each subject will be available here from January 2017.  The criteria indicate the sorts of things students should be able to do at each point in their education to be on track for a specific GCSE grade.

The grades assigned to each set of criteria indicate the final GCSE grade students are currently on track for, given their present level of attainment. Inevitably these grades are “best fit” and many students will achieve some of the higher grade criteria before they achieve all of the lower grade ones.

This new assessment system is provisional. As students start to take the new GCSEs the criteria and grades are likely to be adjusted in light of our increasing understanding. It is our hope that the new system will be easy for students and parents to use. The intention is to provide a clear indication of the GCSE grade students are currently on track for and to provide clear understanding of what students are currently able to do and what should be the next steps in their learning.