The Commonweal Way Project

Something new is coming to Commonweal this year!  A new project is being launched encouraging our students to be outstanding Commonweal learners.  We expect our students to be well behaved in and outside of the classroom, showing respect for their fellow peers, all school staff and for the school environment.  There is though, a very important difference between this traditionally accepted meaning of ‘good behaviour’ and what constitutes ‘outstanding Behaviour for Learning’.  Behaviour for Learning is focussed on our students establishing positive relationships with others, on being independent, self-reflective and driving their own learning.

This year, we are looking to develop an even stronger ethos of outstanding Behaviour for Learning at Commonweal.  An emphasis will be given to the ’10 Letters of Commonweal’ which encourage students to display the key characteristics of outstanding Behaviour for Learning.  These are:

The Commonweal Way

We look forward to the whole school community from teachers to support staff, parents, governors, and students working together to make the Commonweal Way project a success which can have a positive, lasting impact, developing outstanding learners who are fully prepared for life in C6 and beyond.

Please keep an eye out for the Commonweal Way Blog on this website which will provide you with weekly updates on the project.