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The Commonweal House System

There are four School Houses within Commonweal which are named after Historical sites within Wiltshire. These are:

  • Ridgeway
  • Sarum
  • Stonehenge
  • Whitehorse

Upon arrival at the school, each student is placed within a House.  This House will act as a ‘Community’ for the students.

Commonweal is very proud of the History of high-quality Pastoral Care we provide through our House system.  The support networks provided by Tutors, the Head of House and Deputy Head of House within the House System work effectively to make students feel safe and cared for.

Last week you received a letter telling you which House you will be placed in for September and the name of your Tutor.

This week you get to meet each Head of House, Deputy Head of House and other key people who you will meet on arrival.

This week we encourage you to watch the videos which include members of the Pastoral Team from your House and the other Houses too, as some of these individuals may teach you.