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Education Strategy Partnership

The Education Strategy Partnership (ESP) is a group of 12 local schools who work collaboratively in the best interests of students in the Swindon area. We are a Multi-Academy Partnership (MAP) committed to improving learning outcomes for over 4000 students on roll in the 12 schools, across all educational phases.

Currently the ESP comprises:

The ESP was formed in September 2017 (inaugural schools depicted in the hands above) and by engaging only in activity which is high on impact, and operating in a spirit of trust and transparency, we believe it is:

  • Low on Costs
  • Low on Risks
  • High on Rewards

There is very little in the way of formalised bureaucracy or superfluous administration and the only financial outlay for each of the schools is a modest contribution to the costs of an Education Strategy Partner. The Partner is responsible for co-ordinating, planning, recording and celebrating the annual programme of activity.

What we do:

The core business of the ESP focuses on strategies to improve teaching and learning, but we recognise that to achieve this the well-being of the whole school needs to be nurtured. Thus, there is a good deal of CPD work related to supporting other key stakeholders to directly impact on outcomes.

Current projects include:

  • Teaching and Learning: Transition Projects in Years 0 – 1 & 6 – 7; EAL; Classroom practice; Ofsted readiness
  • Leadership and Management: Emerging Leaders courses; Support for new Heads/Chairs of Governors; SLT support; regular meetings of Phase Heads; Performance Management reviews
  • Governance; Induction of new governors; regular Chairs of governor meetings; reviews of governance; bespoke governor business training (Eg : finance; safeguarding; clerking)
  • SEND: regular ESP SENCO meetings
  • Business Managers: regular meetings to focus on support, optimal savings and improved infrastructures
  • Bespoke support in response to needs identified by the group

What we are not…

We are not a Multi-Academy Trust.